Coffee Menu
We serve the world’s smoothest coffee  at Cotter Street Coffee House.  Our coffees are
produced by a small micro-roaster based in the coffee capital of America, Seattle.   

Our house blend yields the smoothest, most appealing coffee in the world.  Its mild milk
chocolate introduction is followed by a nutty middle, and then leaves a soft, sweet finish.

Our darker, Deep Sea blend offers a smoky, dark chocolate flavor, without the bitterness
often found in over roasted or inferior beans.

One of our most popular flavors, Hawaiian Hazelnut is produced by grinding Oregon
hazelnuts and Hawaiian lava-toasted coconut shavings into the finest Arabica coffee.

Our French Vanilla blends the taste of French imported vanilla surrounded in thick
waves of buttery cream.

We can accommodate special requests for your favorite coffee variety, blend, or flavor.  
Just stop by the shop and visit with our barista’s who will be happy to help.

Brewed Coffee
16oz                                                                        $1.60
20oz                                                                        $1.90

Latte’ or Cappuccino
16oz                                                                        $3.25
20 oz                                                                       $3.75

Espresso Specialties
16oz                                                                        $3.40
20oz                                                                        $3.95

Café Ole’
Cafe’ Mocha
White Chocolate Mocha
Café’ Crème Brule
French Vanilla Latte’
Chocolate Covered Cherry Latte’
Toasted Hazelnut Latte’
Napoleon Latte’
Additional Shot of Espresso                             $1.00

Cinnamon Rolls
Fresh baked, served warm cinnamon rolls  topped with homemade butter cream
frosting.  Served with pecans or without, simply the best!                $2.50 each

Sausage Rolls
Hand rolled, our sausages come either mild or jalapeño and are always served warm.  
After tasting one, you’ll come back for more                                       $2.50 each

Cream Cheese Croissants
Tender, flaky croissants are filled with a secret recipe cream cheese filling, and then
topped with homemade butter cream frosting and finished with your choice of
strawberry, raspberry, or blackberry syrup.  Yummy                        $2.50 each

Need a great lunch while fishing, going to the beach, or even at the office.  Cotter Street
Coffee House has box lunches that will accommodate everyone who wants a great
lunch without sacrificing precious time.  Just stop by the shop, select your lunch, and be
on your way…no waiting, no drivethrus, no tipping.  Plus, we can accommodate larger
parties or special requests, just stop in or call 361-244-5012 to make the  
arrangements.                                                                                         $8-10

Cotter Street Coffee House has installed a wireless internet connection for all of your
web-based internet needs.  Whether inside our shop, or outside in our 24 seat
patio/garden, you can connect to the web via our free connection.

This fall, Cotter Street Coffee House will be building a observation deck on the back of
the property overlooking the harbor.  Our customers will be able to enjoy fantastic harbor
views and savor picturesque sunsets while enjoying their favorite coffee, sandwich or

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